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Re: Trending on Wigan Rejects

Yesterday at 21:40
Rabbit Rocks

Contributed by weatherwax

The gentleman upstairs in our block of flats, always gives me his copy of Lancashire Life. Imagine how surprised I was when I opened the March edition, to find one of the main articles is about "Rabbit Rocks". I thought it may have been somewhere other than Wigan, but the description of "Kirkless Nature Reserve, accessable from Belle Green Lane, in Ince in Makerfield" Does sort of have you looking for a Corky shaped picture on the page. The article itself is quite interesting, Explaining that the Rabbit Rocks themselves are a feature of a reclaimed Iron and Steelworks, once the largest in Europe, and are huge cylindrical blocks of slag, formed at the bottom of furnaces. It goes on to describe a lot of the nature at the reserve, including Willow Tits, the UK's most endangered small bird. Only a couple of pages, but a really good read
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