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Yesterday at 22:37
RMJ's new ukulele

I've been contemplating buy a ukulele for a while.
It's a minefield, what's the best make?, what's the best materials?, what size?, (there are 4 different sizes of "modern" ukes),
what should I pay?
The answer is don't procrastinate, get down to a decent music shop and find out.
I did just that today and am well pleased.
I don't think you find a ukulele, the ukulele finds you.
I knew as soon as I picked it up that I wanted it.

Eagle Music, Armitige Bridge near Huddersfield, really good people to deal with.

"Mainland" Tenor Ukulele made in Americaland.
Solid red cedar top, solid rosewood back and sides, no laminates.
Geared tuners and Aquilla nylon strings.

I also bought an electronic gubbins for tuning it, a gig bag and stand.
All in all not a cheap afternoon, but it's only money.

I've been playing it quite a bit since I got home and my fingertips are now beginning to get very sore.
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