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It happened in November

on Thu Nov 08 2018, 20:32
1.November was the month in which this British heroine was born. She famously rescued survivors from a shipwreck off Northumbria in 1838. Who was she?

2.Lewis Carroll’s novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published in November 1865. What was the writer's real name?

3.In Nov 1990 who became the first female President of Ireland.

4.One of the most popular board games ever devised was launched by Parker Brothers in 1935.

5.In 1940 which politician became the only U.S. President to win a third term in office?

6.Which politician resigned as British Prime Minister in 1940 and died in November of the same year?

7.Who became King of Spain following the death of Franco in 1975?

8.In Nov of which year did Angela Merkel became the first female Chancellor of Germany? a) 2001 b) 2003 c) 2005

9.In 1957 what was the name of the dog Russia launched into orbit around the earth?

10.In 1995 – what was the name of the Israeli Prime Minister who was assassinated while at a peace rally?
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Re: It happened in November

on Thu Nov 08 2018, 20:42
1.  Grace Darling

2.  Charles Dodgson

3.  ?

4.  Momopoly?Monopoly

5.  Edgar Hoover?

6.  Neville Chamberlain

7.  Juan Carlos

8.  a) 2001

9.  Laika

10.  ?

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Re: It happened in November

on Thu Nov 08 2018, 20:53
3 Mary Mcaleese. ( wrong spelling but I can’t google because it will tell me if the answer is correct or not)

It was a Mary
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Re: It happened in November

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