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Flower quiz Empty Flower quiz

on Tue 26 Feb - 16:33
1.What name is given to the pollen-producing reproductive organ of a flower composed of an anther and filament?

2.Which small flower, usually with 5 blue or purple petals, is associated with freemasonary and has the scientific name

3.What is the common name for any of the plants that fall into the genus Narcissus?

4.What flower did the Victorians call a gilliflower?

5.Saffron comes from which type of flower?

6.The largest horticultural campaign in the U.K. is called 'RHS Britain in ...' what?

7.What does the term perennial mean?

8.Which flower inspired the William Wordsworth poem 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud'?

9.Which poisonous, sweetly scented woodland flowering plant with bell-shape florets dangling from a thin stem has the scientific name Convallaria majalis?

10.Dianthus barbatus gets its common name from a story about young lovers separated by the sea; how do we better know this flower?

11,Which flower is often called the 'winter rose' or 'Christmas rose'?

12,Which flower is sometimes called the sword lily?

13.The anniversary of which prime ministers death is commemorated in the U.K. as Primrose Day?

14.The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is held in which month of the year? And what is the show's formal name?

15.Which blue flower of the genus Veronica is also the name of the ship which was to accompany the Mayflower with the Pilgrim Fathers?
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Flower quiz Empty Re: Flower quiz

on Tue 26 Feb - 17:41
1 Sepal
2 Forget me not
4 Wallflower
5 Crocus
7 Continuing
8 The daffodil
9 Bluebell
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Flower quiz Empty Re: Flower quiz

on Tue 26 Feb - 19:26
1. Stamen?

3. Daffodil

5. Crocus

6. 'RHS Britain in Bloom

7. Flowers or grows each year.

8. Daffodils

9. Bluebell?
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Flower quiz Empty Re: Flower quiz

on Tue 26 Feb - 19:53
1 - Stamen
2 - Cinquefoil
7 - Surviving and growing for several years
10 - Carnation
11 - Hellebore
12 - Gladiola
14 - May
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Flower quiz Empty Re: Flower quiz

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