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Crosswording Wednesday Empty Crosswording Wednesday

on Tue Jul 09 2019, 23:15
Crosswording Wednesday Signbo24
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Crosswording Wednesday Empty Re: Crosswording Wednesday

on Wed Jul 10 2019, 18:34
We do a ‘Cryptic Crossword’ Puzzle every Wednesday at 8-00 pm sharp over here on the ‘Quiz and Puzzle Page.
It would be nice to get a few more WR members involved.
You don’t have to be a ‘crossword’ expert because I give handy ‘hints ad tips’ to help you solve them.
Have a bash tonight.

To help you understand how to solve crossword clues here are some basic ground rules:-

Concerning or about = RE
About = C for circa
Left = L
Right = R
Female = F
Male = M
Liberal = L or LIB
Labour = L or LAB
Conservative = C or CON or TORY
Sailor = AB or TAR or JACK
Heather = LING
America(n) = A or US
England / English = E
Time = T
Times = X
London = SE
Communist = RED
Guerrilla = CHE (Gevara)
Study = CON or DEN
Old lover / former = EX
Artist = RA (Royal Academy)
Doctor = DR or MD or MB or GP
Doctor of Divinity = DD
Theologian = DD
Engineer = RE (Royal Engineers)
Editor / reporter = ED
Holy man = ST
Horse = GG
Hospital = H
Honours / Degree = BA or MA
Books = NT or OT (new and old testament)
Work = W or OP (operation)
Worker = ANT or BEE or HAND
Unknown = X or Y or Z ((maths)
Ship / vessel = SS
Numbers = M, D, C, X, V and I - usually Roman numerals
Record = LP or EP
The Queen = ER (Elizabeth Regina)
Quiet = P (piano) or SH
Loud = F (fortissimo)

There are many many more.
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