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rejects 2 lyrics

on Wed Nov 05 2014, 09:20

We don’t smoke our kippers on the campfire
We don’t care if our chips are not straight
We don’t drink beer in the mornings
But we like a glass or two just after eight

We only post things of interest over at drivel
Knowledge is our specialty don’t you know
Fact and figures news and entertainment
Information of the things you like to know

We don’t sit all day long by the telly
Cos we have lots of other thing we do.
Like walking dogs and growing things and krafting
And taking photos of walls you never knew.

If you want to come and join us then you can do
Just get an application form today
We’re needing clever people and some notreets
You need to get trou our security on the way

And I’m proud to be a reject out of Wigan
A place where people have a ball
We swap stories of sadness and good times
We never laugh at folks who have a fall.
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Re: rejects 2 lyrics

on Sat Apr 15 2017, 19:14
Didn't you once put this to music tomp
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