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Box tree caterpillar Empty Box tree caterpillar

Thu Aug 27 2015, 08:54

An invasive caterpillar that feeds on hedges is starting to spread from its established base in London across the UK, experts warn.
The box tree caterpillar is the larval stage of a moth native to the Far East and India.
An infestation can reduce the glossy green leaves of a box hedge to a faded skeleton within a few days of hatching.
The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) says it is now receiving three or four reports of infestations a day.
There have been more than 150 reports already this year, compared with 20 last year, and just three in 2011.

Box tree caterpillar _85199725_85199724

Box tree caterpillar Empty Re: Box tree caterpillar

Thu Aug 27 2015, 09:05
Oh dear, hate pesticides, but seems unless there is a natural predator in this Country our buxus are doomed. DOOMED I TELLS YE!
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