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Gardening quiz

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Gardening quiz Empty Gardening quiz

Sat Jul 01 2017, 20:10
Not for everyone I know, but have a go nevertheless. I'll post the answers if I remember Very Happy Very Happy

1. Name the evergreen hedge that has created many a neighbourly dispute?    
2. The monkey puzzle tree originates from which country?
3. The RHS Flower show at Tatton Park is in what county?
4. What yellow flowering tree is poisonous?
5. What is a Whip?     
6. Kale, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts are all what type of Vegetable?   
7. A Shepherd’s purse is a type of what? 
8. What county did Capability Brown come from? 
9.  If a snail climbed up a 12’ wall at a rate of 3’ a day but slipped down 2’ every night.How many days will it take to reach the top?     
10.   What sort of plant is a truffle?
11.   Who composed “the flight of the bumblebee”?
12.   A kumquat is a fruit but is it a gooseberry, plum, or an orange? 
13.  What sort of Vegetable are the following. Marfona, Romano, Pentland, Javelin?     
14.  What popular pudding is made from the root of the Cassava plant?    
15.  What is the most common type of plant in the World? 
16.  Which tree produces conkers?  
17.  What is the name given to very small Japanese trees grown in pots?    
18.  What flower bulb can be used in place of onions in cooking?
19.  What is the popular name for the Antirrhinum?    
20. What is the function of the leaves on a plant?
21. Giuseppe Russo from Northampton grew a 30’ high Sunflower. What did he feed it with? Tea Coffee or Vodka?  
22. How long was the world longest parsnip? 3’, 12’ or 15’?  
23. What crop is the Colorado Beetle best known for attacking?   
24.  Is Broccoli part of the Cabbage, Lettuce or Leek family? 
25.  Penstemons flourish it what type of conditions. Dry, Windy, Wet or Humid?  
26.  Where do most species of Clematis originate. Australia, China & Japan, South America or Europe?
27. A Water melon contains 6% sugar by weight, what percentage of water does it contain. 62%, 72%, 82% or 92%?    
28. A tayberry is a cross between a raspberry and what. Cranberry, Loganberry, Elderberry or Gooseberry? 
29. What is the fruit of a rose called? Berry, Hip, Haw or  Drupe?  
30. Nerines are closely related to which other plant? Amaryllis, crocus, iris or tulip? 
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Gardening quiz Empty Re: Gardening quiz

Sat Jul 01 2017, 21:29
1. Leylandii
2. Chile
3. Cheshire
4. Laburnum
5. You should know Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
6. Brassica ( Cabbage Family)
7. A plant from the Mustard Family ( Very good in salads)
8. Northumberland
9. 13 days
10. A Fungi
11. Rimsky Korsacov  (Performed by Arthur Askey Laughing )
12. Orange
13. Potato
14. Tapioca
15. Grass
16. Horse Chestnut
17. Bonsai
19. Snapdragon
20. To absorb Light for Photosynthesis
21. Had to be Vodka.....Gardening quiz 6809
22. 15 inch
23. Potato
24. Cabbage
26. China and Japan ????
27. 92%
28. I always thought it was a Raspberry and a Blackberry??
29. Hip  (Hip Hurray Embarassed Embarassed )
30. Never Heard of them!!!

Thanks for that Admin. I didn't think it would be any good for me (Not a Gardener) but wasn't too bad.
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Gardening quiz Empty Re: Gardening quiz

Sat Jul 01 2017, 21:35
3. Cheshire
6. Brassica
9. 12
10. Fungi
12. Orange
13. Potato
15. Weeds Very Happy
16. Chestnut
17. Bonsai
19. Snapdragon? Or foxglove
20. Photosynthesis
24. Cabbage (brassica)
28. Loganberry
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Gardening quiz Empty Re: Gardening quiz

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