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Wed Feb 10 2021, 09:24
Something for the peepers to copy Good pics 709307421

“Tuscany, Italy.”
Good pics 1612905789_o8d3clt0rx

“An owl finding something to eat in the snow.”
Good pics 1612905834_qzuqzk1386

“Baby octopuses in eggs.”
Good pics 1612905804_6c8qebzkgi

“An Amethyst from Namibia that looks like a castle.”
Good pics 1612905792_mf4j9f38pn

“This Village In Japan.”
Good pics 1612905795_4llxhu943f

“Jupiter’s moon Ganymede has 30 times more water than the total amount of water on Earth.”
Good pics 1612905842_cv4658akpl

“Huge cruise ship squeezing through the Corinth Canal, Greece.”
Good pics 1612905855_l8w1bkl1na

“3rd century Roman mosaic unearthed in Italy.”
Good pics 1612905782_ex5m7qctix

“Aerogel - the lightest solid material on our planet made of 99.9% air.”
Good pics 1612905806_cahzom9fnnhttps://cdn.acidcow.com/pics/20210210/1612905806_cahzom9fnn.jpg

“The traditional art of camel barbering.”
Good pics 1612905832_4e5ihqyybr

“Look at the atlas moth wings, they can be confused with snake heads.”
Good pics 1612905792_yklpik090g

“Bagan, in Myanmar, hosts one of the most fascinating architectural landscapes in the world.”
Good pics 1612905877_0utbrj4sn2

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