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The Worst Things in Wigan Empty The Worst Things in Wigan

Fri Apr 09 2021, 06:23

The Knowhere Guide

The Worst Things in Wigan, Greater Manchester*
The entirely missable and worth mentioning because of it
You can tell us more about Wigan.
The Worst Things
Wigan is the worst thing. Even its name makes me wanna vomit.
The stupid pagans in the Coven. They're so pathetic. It's funny because they don't know what they're actually talking about...
The roads into Wigan!
All of it. Wigan is NOT the center of the universe. why on earth can't the residents just work out that thinking the world nds outside of "wiggin"? Ugh...
wigan athletic fucking shite
king street,what a dump.STAY WELL CLEAR OF IT ON A WEEKEND.
THERE YOU GO WIGAN EVEN THE WIGAN REPORTER SAID: More than a third of domestic burglaries in Wigan and Leigh are down to people leaving windows open or doors unlocked. Many break-ins happen when the householder is feet away in another room of their home. MOST ARE DONE TOO FEED YOUR SCUM BAG drug problem. SO COME ON WIGAN ARE ALL YOU ON DRUGS?
the large amount of chavs
the large amount of chavs
traffic jams poor road system
too close to scousers
dirty jelous wigan ppl hu dnt like us scousers! dnt be dissin skem nither
The pie eaters. No respect for anyone.
wigan athletic and orrell rugby union
The accent Pies
Obviously the people who think of wiganers as inbred must have been knocked back to many times by one of us. The great thing to watch is an out of towner trying to copy our own unique lingo and end up making total planks of themselves. (To the scousers insulting wigan) Comedians mimmick scousers for a reason, but you never see one mimmick a wiganer without falling flat on their face. We all have our knobheads and slappers in each town so before insulting ours look around your own.
Chavs, pigeons, people who blow smoke at you, drizzle, litter, decay, the smell of piss anywhere near King Street, that smokey grey hue that envelops the town centre, Robin Park,UGC Cinema, the fact that there is nowhere for people who dont look 18 or over to spend an evening without getting wet or attacked by chavs
the charvas
wigan rugby glory supporters!
King Street - the single worst place in the Universe. If you were to give England an enema you would shove the tube in Jumping Jacks.
The large number of parochial inbreds who think it's 'cool' to speak in an ancient, almost indecipherable language. Nothing wrong with a Lancashire accent, but some of these idiots take it too far & use 17th century phrases. Also, the high proportion of Wiganers who think the universe stops at Hindley or Orrell. There's a big world out there !!!
OUR REPUTATION! Mostly due to comments by people who think that all we're about is pies and rugby. People call us ignorant and while this may be true for some people its not true for everyone. Maybe its the people who criticise this lovely town who are ignorant and cant see us for the friendly people we are! I moved away to uni but theres something special about Wigan that draws you back. Lets improve our reputation so we dont get such stick when we tell people where we're from!!!
Anything that involves those morons that own Mabs Cross, JRs, Turnkey
Scallies Old people the town in general
bitchy girls who think there IT.
Those bloody whoppers, the rockport n fake burberry wearin losers, that as sum one has alredi pointed out like to shout mosher or sweeeeeeedi or goth, its not reali an insultant u fucking morons!
Pussy with attitude and sunday morning litter round town. Having a kebab for brekkie then going to work at Reality driving a crane
Lazy driver who can't be bothered to use there indicators when turning left at ROUNDABOUTS (not islands. This seems to be a local trait to the people of Wigan and the situation is only worsened by Wigan Metro's POINTLESS traffic calming measures in Winstanley as when approachinf these ROUNDABOUTS and having to give way to the right, you can't see a thing because the ROUNDABOUTS are set back about 10 feet from the line of the road. When you pull out, youre committed and someone is heading straight for the side of your car and they think your a bad sriver. NICE ON WIGAN METRO!!!
the worst thing about wigan is they knocked the old rlfc down to build a tescos
you make wigan seem like a really scary place to anyone over 21! maybe your site's not for me but I was born there and would like to visit but your site puts me off!
full of wools
TOWNIES!! Stripie jumpers and trackies!!
Theres not much i do like about Wigan, all i like is the Clubs mainly!
most of the people who live here can just about string a sentence together. Also they all think that they're "salt of the earth" which as a friend once pointed out to me means that you're scum basically because it don't get much lower.
People who think because punks dress differently to them that they deserve a beating. and it wouldn't be as bad if it was one at a time but unfortunately they're cowardly aswell and it usually ends up 7 to 1 or some silly odd like that.
The fact that most of the population blindly vote Labour without giving a thought as to why they do it, just because their parents did. I think there are still people around that don't realise the mines have now gone. As a result, our local council doesn't give a fig for the people, coz the councillors will get voted back each year without a problem, except for the bossy councillor in Swinley that got kicked out last May. Tee-Hee.
St Helens, JJB Stadium [not a patch ont' Reebock up road]
Wigan Rugby
living in yorkshire when you could be gettin athsma in wigan! these sheep do my head in and all the cow muck and no corner shops, no decent pubs! no shitty school to complain about! its all grass! and fields! aggggggh someone help me im suffogating to much fresh air!
St Helens is nearby- AND they nicked haydock an billinge from wigan
The worst thing about Wigan is the narrow-mindedness of the people. They are naturally suspicious of everyone not born and bred in the town (shown by the hostility to non-whites and asylum seekers). Wigan is a white ghetto of narrow-minded bigots, who are proud to be 'down-trodden working class northern folk' but play on this reputation as a feeble excuse for their blinkered opinions, lack of care or knowledge for the 'outside world' and bone-headed, lazy attitudes. They need to open their eyes and catch up with the rest of the country. The truth hurts!
the fat blokes trying to pull the young ladies with the breasts popping out
Asda especially kids with minature bloddy shopping trolley's
Wigan is a complete dump. The only way you could improve it is to take the narrow minded, interbred bone-heads out of the town & show them the world outside. Why are they so proud of the town when they haven't ventured further than Ashton-in-Makerfield? They are all fat, eat pies, shave their heads and are proud of their culture of being down-trodden thickos. The men are just as bad. The biggest white ghetto in the world. Find the M6. Find a life outside...
Doris Lindsay,Wiggin Rugby,Kym Marsh(from AShton by the way,this is not Wigan the fat arsed bugry league slapper) people saying Wigan is a rugby town, is it f**k, the vast majority of Wiggin Bugrys fans are from outlying districts of neighbouring towns. such as Coppull(Preston), Daisy Hill(Bolton) and Ashton(nowhere)
I can't be there all the time...
Small-minded thugby supporters, the inbreds who fail to realise the complete insignificance of Bugry League. Also, Skelmersdale - what a set of plastic scouse tw@*s. How dare any scouser/plastic scouser/2nd generation scouser/genetically-modified scouser have the cheek to call Wiganers inbred!
The worst thing in Wigan as someone mentioned before, is that the girls look like absolute fucking dickheads with those tracksuit bottoms and their socks tucked in the bolldy things!!! Also I wish that they would wear only one bloody hair bobble in their hair at once and not fifty! You look daft and why do all the girls have to spit in the middle of the street!! Your all mingers and im actually from Wigan myself ands not blowing my own trumpe, but at least I know how to dress you twats!!!!
Don't know why you think that all scousers visit wigan for a night out,its shite most with money and common sense would get as far away as poss and go somewhere decent for a night out i.e. Liverpool. and as for the person who's lived there for 20 of their 21 yrs, GET A LIFE!! you ignorant c**t. At least scousers are friendly wiganers are so ignorant.
I've lived in Wigan for 20 of my 21 years and it's been hard! No where else is quite like this place I'm sure. The people of Wigan don't seem to understand that it aint the centre of the universe and need to admit that wigan Athletic are totally RUBBISH! A team that doesnt win needs to stop playing! King street has a few pubs but not a lot and they all offer the same thing so you've seen one you've seen them all. Most people are inbred you only need to read Orwell's book to see that nothing has ever changed in Wigan. It's about time people started to see something of the world and then they would appreciate that there's more to life than pies and trackies. Also a word to the scousers - why do you all keep moving here? That goes for the even worse skem lot, you make any town look bad. If you want to see the north just go to manchester it's the only place worth a visit. There's a growing indie kid movement in Wigan as well I suspect!
The people and the place.
MANCS - For the uneducated that means people who originate in the hole known as Manchester.
The fact that most of the 'scousers' are actually skemmers from nearby Skelmersdale and its a disgrace that skemmers are forced to come to Wigan for a night out/cinema/decent shops etc. due to the fact that there's f*** all in Skem!
The inability of WRLFC supporters to actually admit that they aren't the biggest and best club anymore.
AS IF anyone form Liverpool would be seen dead or alive on a night out in Wigan. Why the hell would anybody want to visit that smelly dump?
I wouldn't go so far as to say that Wiganers are all inbred, myopic, and xenophobic, but I'd say it's pretty much 90% It's not a bad old place - bit of character, bit of history, some decent places to go, and a good bit of minky here and there.. but in my experience, the terms 'friendly Wiganer' and 'intelligent Wiganer' are certainly oxymoronic... I moved up there as a kid and was never made to feel welcome. There were always too many angry wasps buzzing about with their deep-seated Napolean complexes hemmed to their flatcaps. It was okay for a while cos most of them could take out their frustrations on the rugby pitch and with frustrated fumblings in Mesnes park on a Saturday night, but then they all started drinking and smoking, growing beer kegs round their bellies and procreating with some god-awful horror that made Bella Emburg look like an anorexic (or their sisters), till they get to the point where they're forty on their second heart-bypass with six kids and a dead-end job, and the process of gene-pool pollution begins over... I could go on but I think I've made my point.
The Galleries, eurch! And all the young lads with a bellyful of ale, spoiling for a fight. And the eleven o'clock last orders. Useless!
TOWNIES! scum sucking moluscs who do nothing but wear tracksuits and cause trouble
Lack of decent jobs that pay a proper wage. I can't stand it when experience counts for nothing. I can stand it even less when employers expect a 17 year old to have a 10 year checkable work record, five years hands-on experience and a roll of certificates long enough to decorate the town hall walls with (and willing to pay em less than a fiver a week. Meantime this 40 something year old dangles over the employment scrapheap.
None really. I don't like people calling my town. It is a great place.
Being associated with Latics. Being associated with St Helens (Billinge).
Too many p*ssed-up knobheads in most of the clubs, frustrated with their inability to pull and determined to prevent anyone else from doing what they can't!
No where decent to get breakfast Asda Cafe being the best it offers
The girls are f****** slappers who only wear trackies,strange strange people!!
Most of the gals are slappers and the lads are two timing wankers
The guys with the obsessive sock over pants and Rockports thingy effort(know what i mean?)And people who go "SWEATYYYYY!!!!" and point at you!and the thing is they actually dress that way at a weekend(-Ben Mousdale)Dirty rotten theaving SMACK-HEADS!
The townies who throw 2p coins at my and my mates
The Rockport and Trackies Crowd
Wigan people are not friendly, in fact they are quite xenophobic about anybody not born in the town.
St Helens for nabbing half of Billinge. Its our turf and we want it back!!!
there's nowhere to watch bands or comediens,places like burnley mechanics,bolton albert hall,preston guild,that sort of thing.i'm not asking for a nynex or a wembly arena just somewhere to watch good bands.
The girls, they all have bleached blonde badley permed hair and all wear 3 stripe track suits and most of them are wider than the channel tunnel (if u know what i mean)
no music scene to speak of- but its changing!! Look out for some cool bands!
No pie shops open after 5.30pm
Having people assume that you're a pie eating rugby fan just because you're from Wigan. I confess to the pie thing but not all Wiganers are rugby fans. AND the way people always laugh and take the mick out of your accent because it's a mix of Manchester, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Scouse because it borders every county - CENTRE OF THE WORLD IS WHAT WIGAN IS!!!!!!
All the players bought by John Deehan at WAFC
The lack of cool shops like Miss Selfridges.
The cocky lads who think they're hard
I'm from St. Helens and I live in Billinge. That's the worst thing.
Not having a 4am license law like Manchester has. The lack of a 'major' dance club.
Lack of major clubs, although there are several clubs within a small area, they are mostly all small and not exactly refined. Needs a major large club at not too dear prices to improve the town.
People come a lot frm L'pool for a nite in Wigan.
Wigan is well known for having sad-ass rugby league fans, who jump on the bandwaggon every May to go to Wembley - well done, you lot, for being so open-minded! Not this year though eh?!
Worst thing is the closing down of the old Market Hall, the new complex is great, but it dousen't have the charm of the old Market Hall.
Big headed Rugby League fans.
Lack of clubs.
What worse aspects?


I say!

It's very brave and very sexy of me to continue living.

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The Worst Things in Wigan Empty Re: The Worst Things in Wigan

Fri Apr 09 2021, 11:43
Written by Tonker 😄😄😄
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The Worst Things in Wigan Empty Re: The Worst Things in Wigan

Fri Apr 09 2021, 16:31
Very Happy Very Happy

It's very brave and very sexy of me to continue living.

We lead, others follow.
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The Worst Things in Wigan Empty Re: The Worst Things in Wigan

Sat Apr 10 2021, 15:22
maureen wrote:Written by Tonker 😄😄😄

definitely Very Happy

Awwww bless
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The Worst Things in Wigan Empty Re: The Worst Things in Wigan

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