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instinct  Empty instinct

Tue Apr 20 2021, 22:54
its what everyone has to stay alive, no matter whether animal, human or vegetable, we all get that feeling of who is true and who is dangerous , A rabbit never goes to skool, it can't read write or do sums but, If a eagle is in the sky, its instincts tell it to run and hide,
this is apparent even on cyber activity ,
there is a heaping helping on this forum of members blessed with good instincts ,
As my Dad used to say, believe nothing you hear and only half you see and that will give you a chance of not getting eaten,

The rejects Kick ass, instinct  709307421
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instinct  Empty Re: instinct

Wed Apr 21 2021, 05:58
What larks!

It's very brave and very sexy of me to continue living.

We lead, others follow.
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