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Ever made a bad move ? Empty Ever made a bad move ?

Sat May 29 2021, 20:28
I did today, With the weather looking better I said to Mrs Plum, C'mon lets go hit the seaside, So we got in the trusty Focus and headed North on the M6 bound for Blackpool, So did 10s of thousands of others, By the time we got to Leyland, about an hour and half later, I abandoned that plan and formulated plan B,
I navigated through Leyland and headed for Southport, It was also busy but, we made it and had a loverly afternoon walking about enjoying the sunshine and sights, HE was there,

Ever made a bad move ? S_port11
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Ever made a bad move ? Empty Re: Ever made a bad move ?

Sat May 29 2021, 21:35

It's very brave and very sexy of me to continue living.

We lead, others follow.
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