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A tale for Halloween  Empty A tale for Halloween

Sat Oct 30 2021, 19:49
Several years ago when i was only 6, I was going out to play knocking on doors and running off and My Mum said, Go to the corner shop before it closes and get a quarter of Liver for your Dad's tea, Here's 10 Bob, I took the 10 bob and went up towards the shop but, My mate birchy saw me and said, C'mon tom lets go playing , knock and run,
I clean forgot about the Liver for me Dads tea, I ran to the shop but it was closed, they closed early in those days, I had to do something cos My dad'll kill me, I went to the cemetery and found a freshly dug grave, I dug up the coffing and cut the Liver out of the body, put the body and coffin back and filled it in, I took the liver to my Mum and she cooked it, Me Dad only gets in after pub shuts so, All went well or so I thought,
At midnight, I heard a clatter of bones that had climbed up the lean to and was knocking on my bedroom window, I opened the curtain and there was a skeleton there and with a scouse accent it said,
" hey La giz me liver baccck ya robbin' woolie back",

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A tale for Halloween  Empty Re: A tale for Halloween

Fri Nov 05 2021, 18:37
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