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veg grower
veg grower
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Petunia Question Empty Petunia Question

Tue Jul 22 2014, 16:21
For some reason I don't seem to have a lot of success with red Petunias, all other colours are fine - particularly the purples and pinks.  Anyone else have this problem?

I had some from T&M this year and apart from one all the other red ones have failed - it isn't just these from T&M, every year the reds never seem to do as good asthe other colours.
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Petunia Question Empty Re: Petunia Question

Wed Jul 23 2014, 14:12
I don't know veggie, i've noticed that some of the same type of flowers grow bigger than others, I weed,feed and water them equally, maybe that's just how things are,  scratch 
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